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The Estate Planning Attorneys at Wills & Wellness have growing families just like yours. And just like you, they each worry about what would happen to their children if something happened to them.

We are different because of our focus on the fact your family will grow and change—because of our emphasis on planning for exciting and inevitable life changes, not just what happens when you pass away—because of our modernized fee arrangement (flat fee only, agreed to in advance).

And we are different because so many estate planning lawyers focus only on what happens at death. You might be familiar with this traditional experience: you have an attorney draft your estate plan—it’s presented in a nice leather binder—you put it away in a safe deposit box—it gathers dust over the years—you vaguely recall having to update beneficiaries but never get around to it—and 10 years pass without you thinking about it again.

When you pass away, no one can find your plan because it’s in that safe deposit box no one has a key to. Once your family figures out how to get into the box, they learn your plan is so outdated that it doesn’t help deal with the assets you owned at passing (which you didn’t own when your attorney drafted your plan). It actually causes problems that only can be resolved in the probate court by a judge who is a stranger to you and your family.

It dawns on your loved ones that it’s worse having a 20-year-old plan than having no plan at all. And the attorney who drafted the plan 20 years ago is more than happy to accept your payment as they walk your family through the probate court.

Is this really true?

Sadly, yes. It has happened in our families and it has happened in our clients’ families. We help pick up the pieces, but no one we’ve served has ever said probate was an “easy” process or that they would want to do it again. This is not the experience you have with us.

We help you prepare for the exciting and inevitable changes in your life.

You’ll have more children, buy a new house, grow your retirement account, take out a new life insurance policy, and buy the log cabin in the mountains you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll outgrow your estate plan.

We know you’re busy parents and can’t do it all. We also know that you value your time with your kids and want your life to be as efficient, convenient, and prosperous as possible. You want to have confidence your estate plan will work when your loved ones need it most.

At Wills & Wellness we’ve nurtured and built a model that departs from the norm in estate planning. Serving our clients is our priority.

We openly and happily communicate with our clients about any and all of your estate planning questions as you go. And your Estate Planning Attorney is available to you at all points throughout your plan design, signing and completion.

As a final touch, we help you capture what’s really most important to you and your family—who you are as a person—your values, insights, stories, and experiences you want to share with your loved ones. The estate plan we help you design takes care of the tangible. The final touch takes care of the intangible that your family cares about most.

Our goal is to be your trusted family advisor and we happily make this happen for all of our wonderful clients!

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 Understanding and knowledge..., 02-18-2017 02:33PM

By: Matt

Nobody wants to think about what will happen when they're gone. Unfortunately, it's going to happen to all of us. Wouldn't you rather know with 100% certainty that your family is taken care of properly? Wills and Wellness Estate Planning can make sure that you ARE 100% certain...and isn't that one less worry that you want to have?

 Compassionate Estate and Life Planning, 02-13-2017 11:12AM

By: Andrew

By recognizing that life is an ever-changing process, Wills and Wellness Estate Planning works to implement custom, well-rounded, dynamic, and supportive life-planning services/strategies to their clients.

 Estate planning is hard, but they make it easy, 01-29-2017 04:50PM

By: JP

This group helps navigate so when life changes, you estate plan will move in the right direction. Keeping your family always protected