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What if you could drink coffee that had less caffeine but actually was healthier and would keep you more focused all day?

·         Stay focused all day
·         Avoid the “burn out” at 2 or 3 pm
·         Skip that piece of chocolate or other junk food snack
·         Come home with energy to enjoy your life!!


Organic Ganoderma Lucidium is a natural herb found in China and Japan that has been known to have many healing properties. Because it balances your immune system, you are able to stay more focused and alert.

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Does coffee give you heartburn?

If you suffer from too much acid in your diet and have been told coffee is out of the question, you are in luck!


We’re All About That Base (NO ACID)

Forgive the pun, but I am sure Ms. Trainor would agree stomach acid and acid reflux is a serious health issue we do not want to aggravate.


Many studies have shown that disease forms in acidic environments in your body.

Organo Gold Coffee is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum which allows the coffee to be an alkaline vs acid on the PH scale. This helps reduce the body’s acidic environment, which in turn, naturally helps in disease prevention.

If you are on a low acid diet you can enjoy coffee again!!!


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 Now I'm awake!, 03-13-2017 06:44PM

By: Nick

Sally helps get me going. There certain days when I cannot get going in the morning. I am a busy business owner. Sally's coffee it's quick and easy for me to take with me wherever I go. I get a great cup of coffee at a very affordable price, and it wakes me up!

Congratulations on all your success Sally!

 A great substitute for regular old coffee, 02-28-2017 04:57PM

By: Lorraine

Sally is passionate and knowledgeable about her coffees. They are not only delicious, but keep you more focused without the heartburn of what you get at the grocery store. Organic coffee is definitely the way to go.

 Sally + Biz Insurance + Better Coffee = Brilliance!, 02-22-2017 12:14AM

By: Hollie

I have found that there are professional entrepreneurs that are in business to serve themselves, and those that are in business to serve others, openly, wholeheartedly, honest, caring professionals that give back and provide value in education 100% of the time. These people live to serve others and I deeply value their friendship, compassion and integrity in service.

Thank you for always going above and beyond for your clients, your referrals and the network. I deeply value you! Continue to #BeAwesome!!

Thank you for all you do Sally!