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Your Family Safety Is Our #1 Concern

Are you a mom or dad taking your kids up into the mountains of Colorado for a family trip?

Bring your family vehicle to Saul’s Automotive in Englewood, Colorado and we will do a complimentary check up on your vehicle.

Be safe and enjoy some Colorado fun this Summer with your kids!


Better For Your Luxury Vehicle

Did you know that Volkswagon Auto Group makes the parts for your Lamborghini?

We will search the world for the best parts option for your high end luxury automobile, and we will give you choices on the best parts.

Saul’s is your best option in Englewood, Colorado and all of Denver for parts and service for your luxury car, truck or SUV.

Better Service For Your Classic Automobile

Own a classic show car from the early 20th century?

Bring in your classic car and we will use our inventive creative auto repair talents along with our world sourcing auto parts abilities to make your classic car run like a dream.

You love your classic American car, and we love showing it as much love and care as you do!

We Service All Makes And Models. Click on the type of vehicle you own below.


Acura Repair | Audi Repair | Buick Repair | Cummins Repair | Duramax Repair | GM Repair | Hyundai Repair | Jaguar Repair | Lexus Repair | Mazda Repair | Mitsubishi Repair | Plymouth Repair | Range Rover Repair | Saturn Repair | Suzuki Repair | Powerstroke Repair | Alfa Romeo Repair | Bentley Repair | Cadillac Repair | Daewoo Repair | Ferrari Repair | GMC Repair | Infiniti Repair | Jeep Repair | Lincoln Repair | Mercedes-Benz Repair | Nissan Repair | Pontiac Repair | Rolls Royce Repair | Scion Repair | Toyota Repair | Case IH Repair | AMG Repair | Bitter Repair | Chevrolet Repair | Dodge Repair | Ford Repair | Honda Repair | Isuzu Repair | Lamborghini Repair | Lotus Repair | Mercury Repair | Oldsmobile Repair | Porsche Repair | Rover Repair | Smart Repair | Volkswagen Repair | Kubota Repair | Aston Martin Repair | BMW Repair | Chrysler Repair | Ducati Repair | Geo Repair | Hummer Repair | Kia Repair | Land Rover Repair | Maserati Repair | Mini Cooper Repair | Opel Repair | Prius Repair | Saab Repair | Subaru Repair | Yamaha Repair

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Fan Brags®

 Killer Shop, 12-31-2017 12:17AM

By: Chad

Struggling with issues on my WJ, which I love so very much, I reached the point of putting it up for sale which made me sick to my stomach. I had Finally decided there was no cure for the extreme death wobble that had grown to the point of which I was truly scared to drive it over 40 mph. After rebuilding the entire suspension and steering with 51 brand new parts, then taking it two different automotive shops and receiving ZERO improvement, I gave up and posted it online for sale. Shortly after making that decision, I reached out to Saul for one final attempt for help before I let it go. I set an appointment with him and took it to his shop. The minute I got there I knew I was in a great place to seek out the help I needed so desperately. He and his two guys dropped what they were doing and dove right in to my baby as a team of three warriors. With in 20 minutes Saul had a list of needs and problems for me and took me in his shop and showed me the issues, immediately making me feel the sickness my WJ was suffering was cureable.
After spending a full hour with him one on one going over so many details and him sharing so much of his knowledge and advice, I had no doubt I had made an excellent decision in taking my Jeep Grand to him for my problem. I tried to pay him for his time and help but the only thing he would accept from me was a hand shake. He had know interest in making a buck from my visit. He only cared about one thing. Helping a fellow Jeepster.
Thank you my friend for you and your team's desires and skills in guiding me in the correct direction which I needed. I will be returning sooner than later when its time to learn more about something that is very important to me. My lifted WJ.

 A great company and person..., 02-18-2017 01:14PM

By: Matt

one of the best ways to find out the true nature of a company is to see how the community reacts after something bad happens to them. A year or two ago, Saul had a fire at his old shop. He was in a bad situation. To see the way the hundreds of people rallied to help him make sure that he survived this setback was astounding. It's said that people do business with people that they know,like and trust. Well, I will take that one step further, and say that people rally around people that they know, like, trust and love...and MANY people rallied around Saul in his time of need. This alone tells you everything that you need to know about Saul.

I have a 2016 vehicle, so I haven't needed to use him yet...but he IS the mechanic I'll be going to when it's necessary. :)

 Best Auto repair in Denver, 02-06-2017 10:56AM

By: John

Over the years I've gone to many a
auto repair shops. Saul's Automotive is a place where I don't worry about having an inflated list of car problems, or an expensive invoice. Saul is the best. NO WORRIES!