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Every business has its own unique way of managing its day-to-day tasks.  PRG’s custom application development helps streamline operations with real-time reporting so you can focus on improving customer service and your bottom line.  As a leader in the industry, our knowledge and expertise allow us to deliver a variety of data and software solutions for the changing needs of today’s businesses.

Project Resources Group specializes in building software solutions and database driven applications developed with the latest technologies available. 

Our unique approach ensures                                                                              :

•    Comprehensive reporting capabilities.
•    Operational efficiency within your workflows.
•    Usable information to make the right decisions.
•    Streamlined and centralized management of your business data.
•    Data validation process built in so that users can trust and rely on critical data. 





Legacy System Integration Capabilities
Application Support Services
Database & Server Hosting
Application Development
Data Reporting Services
Mobile Applications


Work Process Design, Control, and Tracking Tools
Outside Plant Damage/Claims Tracking
Inventory Control & Management
Web Reporting & Administration
Financial Management Tools
Work Order Management
Disposition Tools

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Fan Brags®

 Truly genuine., 03-13-2017 07:10PM

By: Nick

Dan over at project resources group is truly one of the most straightforward, honest, and genuine people I've ever met. Dan is Not only a devoted businessman, but a devoted father as well. Dan will go above and beyond for you and your business. Keep up the good work Dan!

 Great Resource for Diverse Support Capabilities, 03-01-2017 02:45PM

By: Andrew

With their diverse capacity for providing sound solutions, the Project Resources Group (PRG) team is fully invested in bringing only the best, customized, and experienced support to their clients, from app development to back-end phone support to construction management.

 Technology done right, 02-25-2017 01:08PM

By: Matt

In the 21st century world that we live in, technology can either be a curse or a blessing. When you have PRG on your side, you can be 100% sure that it's going to be the latter. With software solutions designed and implemented according to the needs of *your* company, not just some piece of software pulled from a box and forced into working for you, it's easy to sleep well knowing that your technology solutions are running smoothly.

Make 100% sure that your technology is a boon to your business, instead of a hindrance...hire PRG to handle this important aspect of your business for you.