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 Educated, Friendly Accountant, 02-16-2016 03:10PM

By: Kendra

We really appreciate how knowledgeable Brenda is and how friendly she is! She is very easy to work with and makes sure we have everything in order. We run a business from home, and she helped us as we got started and guided us through the process. Highly recommend!

 Highest Level of Integrity, 02-15-2016 08:43PM

By: Carey

I've had the honor of knowing and working with Brenda Bowen for more than a year now. Brenda's ability as a bookkeeper and accountant is well known both in Colorado and Alaska. Her heart for her clients is legendary. And the fact that she can do what she does - remotely - makes her an obvious choice for your business!

 Professional and AMAZING !, 02-13-2016 10:30PM

By: Rachael

I can't say enough good things about Brenda. She got me organized and functioning the way a business should be run. In 2014 I took over a business in which the financial bookkeeping had not been done well. It was all still done by hand in addition to there being a number of bookkeeping errors. Brenda helped me get the business set up and functioning in Quickbooks. When my accountant handed me the tax documents for 2014, I asked her if there was anything we needed to adjust for the 2015 tax year. My accountants response, "Nope! your financial records were perfect!" I owe it all to Brenda. On a side note, she took me on as a new client as she was moving to Alaska. She told me she would be unavailable for 1 week. At the end of the week, she called me. She already had her computer set up and was working on my documents. Yes, I would highly recommend Brenda.

 More than Bookkeeping, 02-12-2016 09:12AM

By: Alexis

Brenda is so much more than an accountant and business woman. She is a kind, friendly, personable entrepreneur who is always a delight to be around. Her business is based on a solid foundation of honesty and trust which allows her clients "peace of mind". She's an amazing person in general and anyone who has met her or worked with her will surely agree.

 Diligent & Professional, 02-11-2016 01:25PM

By: Richard

I spoke to Brenda over the phone about bookkeeping services. She provided an onsite visit to our store with Alexis McLaughlin - who would be the one to come onsite and help us. Both Brenda and Alexis were personable, professional and diligent in helping me pin down the services I needed. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Peace of Mind Accounting and Brenda and Alexis - Richard Honey, Front Range organic and All Natural Meats.

 Accounting genius!!, 02-10-2016 09:16PM

By: Jason

Brenda and team are fantastic to work with they are fast and communicate clearly each and every time!!! Brenda keeps me organized and on track so we can keep creating our Barnwood specialties. Day or night the peace of mind team is working hard for me to meet deadlines and get me the info I need right on time. I even received a few 1 am emails from Brenda last month. :) a real go getter!!! Thanks to peace of mind!!! That is what they provide!!

 Alexis McLaughlin - Speedy & Accurate, 02-10-2016 08:42PM

By: Brenda

Alexis is a speedy and accurate bookkeeper. She is great at following up with clients and gives great customer service. She understands and accepts the important role of bring peace of mind to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

 Working diligently for her clients, 02-10-2016 07:24PM

By: David

No one is more dedicated to her clients and working hard to make sure everything is done right. She makes herself available for problem solving, giving her clients Peace of Mind that everything will balance and bills will be paid. She gives her clients the ability to run their businesses leaving the bookkeeping to her. Having built their businesses, they can rest easy knowing Brenda and her associates will give them Peace of Mind.

 There for you!, 02-10-2016 03:40PM

By: Grace

Brenda is a wonderful person! If you haven't gotten the chance to know her, you need to schedule a Skype date or get on her busy schedule when she's visiting the Denver are from Alaska! She's got your back in the accounting world because face it... you shouldn't be doing it alone!

 Lots of Energy!, 02-10-2016 03:33PM

By: Kathleen

Brenda is a powerhouse of energy and great ideas. Anyone who gets to work with her is very fortunate.