Lorian Communications, LLC

Lorian Communications, LLC
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Just give me a "RING" because Your Business Is On The Line!

Lorian Communications is your all-in-one telecommunications specialist! By “all-in-one,” we mean:

  • Business Telephone Equipment
  • Voice, Data, Overhead paging Cable & Equipment
  • Local, Long Distance & Internet Services
  • General phone and telecom issues
  • Hourly Consulting Services Available

For 26 years, Lorian Communications has helped save businesses from the telecom headache! In every industry: From Hotels to High-Tech!

If it’s telecom-related, we can certainly help you. Especially if you’re moving, expanding or just opening your doors!

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 Connection Experts, 03-14-2017 10:14PM

By: Andrew

Because of the myriad of moving parts in any business's communications platform (and especially in today's age of voice-over ip, cloud-based telecommunications, and the gambit of everything in-between), Lorian Communications has devoted their time and resources to creating a platform and customer-service-friendly experience designed to augment, streamline, and grow your business's unique needs in the ever-changing realms of modern connectivity.

 Never worry about your phones again..., 03-05-2017 01:51PM

By: Matt

One of the biggest nightmares you can have is your phone lines going down for your company. You have customers trying to reach you, but they are getting nowhere. Very few things will cause you to lose customers faster than this. If you want to avoid this scenario, talk to Lorian Communications today, and be sure that you'll be taken care of by people who are vested in your success.

 are you available for your customer, 01-29-2017 03:11PM

By: JP

your customer is calling, but they can't reach you..... don't let this happen. This team will get you up and running so you can communicate with your customers now!