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 Killer Shop, 12-31-2017 12:17AM

By: Chad

Struggling with issues on my WJ, which I love so very much, I reached the point of putting it up for sale which made me sick to my stomach. I had Finally decided there was no cure for the extreme death wobble that had grown to the point of which I was truly scared to drive it over 40 mph. After rebuilding the entire suspension and steering with 51 brand new parts, then taking it two different automotive shops and receiving ZERO improvement, I gave up and posted it online for sale. Shortly after making that decision, I reached out to Saul for one final attempt for help before I let it go. I set an appointment with him and took it to his shop. The minute I got there I knew I was in a great place to seek out the help I needed so desperately. He and his two guys dropped what they were doing and dove right in to my baby as a team of three warriors. With in 20 minutes Saul had a list of needs and problems for me and took me in his shop and showed me the issues, immediately making me feel the sickness my WJ was suffering was cureable.
After spending a full hour with him one on one going over so many details and him sharing so much of his knowledge and advice, I had no doubt I had made an excellent decision in taking my Jeep Grand to him for my problem. I tried to pay him for his time and help but the only thing he would accept from me was a hand shake. He had know interest in making a buck from my visit. He only cared about one thing. Helping a fellow Jeepster.
Thank you my friend for you and your team's desires and skills in guiding me in the correct direction which I needed. I will be returning sooner than later when its time to learn more about something that is very important to me. My lifted WJ.