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 Reliable!, 03-13-2017 05:59PM

By: Nick

Devin is not only a good friend, but an outstanding property manager. He is someone that you can trust with your property. Devin does amazing work with those properties to ensure his owners get the most out of their investment, and his tenants your great place to live. Keep up the good work buddy!

 Property Manager Like no other;, 02-21-2017 11:06PM

By: Hollie

I have found that there are professional entrepreneurs that are in business to serve themselves, and those that are in business to serve others, openly, wholeheartedly, honest, caring professionals that give back and provide value in education 100% of the time. These people live to serve others and I deeply value their friendship, compassion and integrity in service.

Thank you for always going above and beyond for your clients, your referrals and the network. I deeply value you! Continue to #BeAwesome!!

Your company is the best with Property Management!

 Build a long lasting legacy, 02-20-2017 09:42AM

By: Matt

I've known Devin for what must be at least four years now, and to find somebody who cares this much about his customers is a rare find. He has a desire no just to make money for himself and his company, but to help his customers build something that they can pass on to their kids, and their kids' kids...extremely admirable.

If you own, or want to own a rental property, yet don't want to have any horrible tenants, or deal with the 3am phone call that the heat isn't working, you aren't going to find anybody more qualified or caring to handle that for you than Legacy Properties.

 Property-Owners Rejoice!, 02-06-2017 11:14AM

By: Andrew

Over at Legacy Properties, Devin Bewley endeavors to take all the inconveniences, strife, and overall stress out of the tenant-landlord relationship. Legacy affords owners the opportunity to hand the formal aspects of renting over to the experts.

 Offers Ease of Mind, 02-02-2017 05:22PM

By: Leevone

Devin offers ease of mind while he handles the tuff stuff for property owners.

Devin is resourceful to the meet-up in offering relevant information for the variety of asks that are presented. Devin is a dependable and committed team player.

 Legacy Properties takes the brain damage out of Tenant/Rental woes, 02-01-2017 11:55AM

By: Kaylie

Legacy Properties (Devin Bewley) ensures your rental property investment is as drama-free as possible. They take care of the things you, as the property owner/landlord, may not want to or know to. Devin goes to bat for you with rental and tenant woes and your investment. You and your investment are in capable hands with Devin and Legacy Properties.

 Service is their legacy . . ., 01-31-2017 12:23PM

By: Jeane

Devin is dedicated to serving his clients and maintaining their properties.

 Devin is the one to call and the one to trust, 01-29-2017 02:04PM

By: JP

Devin makes sure all your properties are taken care of; and that you get your payments. One of the hardest working men we have met, only matched by his truly caring attitude.

 Legacy has Devin who works hard, 03-23-2016 08:41PM

By: debbie

Devin is patient and hard working

 My opinion of our services with Legacy Property Managment throughout the ye, 03-18-2016 01:52PM

By: Brian and Nicole

We have always been happy with Legacy Properties as long as we have lived at this address. They are always around for concerns around the place and for any questions that we have.

Whenever we have had a problem with maintence or questions about an issue, they have always gotten back to us in a timely and friendly manner.

Thank you Legacy Properties for always being aware and concerned about our needs.