Happiness Specialist Jill Bill

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Jill Bill is a Motivational Speaker and travels around sharing her story on the birth and death of her child. Her intention is to help people understand what grief is about and how you can move through it with the greatest ease possible. Grieving is not for sissy's. Grief can take over every molecule in your body and can take up residence for years to come, if you allow it to.

Jill will share simple techniques that can make a world of difference to you and those around you. Grieving can make your body physically sick. The longer it stays the worse things can get. You absolutely must grieve after any type of loss, then it's time to move on. Let Jill help you not to let grieving be a life sentence.

What are “The Bars”?
The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

What does a Bars session do?
The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.
Similar to when the lights go out in your house and you flip the circuit breaker or trip switch so the lights come on: having your bars done allows your lights to come on. The energy of the universe becomes available to you and this often results in more peace, ease, joy and glory in life. Several doctors who are experts in biofeedback have reported changes in their brain waves, going from beta to much more relaxed theta waves in the course of a one hour session. Luckily for us, Access has known for years that the Bars change the electrical function of the brain.

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