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IT Consulting and Network Administration
Managing your IT needs on your own can sometimes be a puzzling ordeal. What you need is an expert who knows how all the pieces fit together.Binkley IT Consulting will help your business by designing, implementing and supporting your IT Infrastructure.With 15 years of experience in the IT world, Binkley IT Consulting will expertly support your network for a fraction of the time and cost of employing a full-time IT Admin.

I have learned that most businesses do not employ the services of an IT Consultant for one of two reasons.

(1) IT costs can be pricey.
(2) IT people can be difficult to work with.

As the costs go, it does not have to be expensive to get the technology that you need. There are so many free or inexpensive technologies which exist today that can help you accomplish what you are trying to do. I can help you decide which ones will work best for you.

As for being difficult to work with, my goal is to offer you great IT Consulting and Support without the usual rude attitude that accompanies most IT people. I never want to make your feel stupid or embarrassed simply because I know how to do something on a computer that you may not. Instead of being the IT guy you have to tolerate, I want to be the IT guy you want to call because you know that I will solve your problems.

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 Great IT consultant..., 02-18-2017 02:24PM

By: Matt

I've known Brad Binkley of Binkley IT for a few years now, and he is my go-to person if I have an IT need. I used to attend a networking meeting with him that had a fairly early start...and one of the things I noticed is that he was often showing up a few minutes late. When asked about this, his answer surprised me. His answer was USUALLY, "I had to help a customer out with such and such problem, sorry I'm late everybody."

THAT'S customer service. Rather than prioritizing networking, he was prioritizing his customer's needs. THAT is the person that I want handling my IT...and you should feel the same way too. Call Brad for all your IT needs...

 Professional, Long-Established IT Support, 02-09-2017 05:27PM

By: Andrew

In a time where so much rides on companies having a sound, reliable IT base, Binkley IT brings 18 years of experience in providing dedicated, professional, and high-quality IT support to the table.

 Friendly IT service, 02-04-2017 02:39PM

By: Sally

If your IT is driving you crazy, you need an expert. Brad knows IT forward and backward and can help resolve and prevent issues that come up.