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 All-Inclusive HR and Payroll, 03-09-2017 03:55PM

By: Andrew

From comprehensive HR services to augmented payroll systems, Altitude Payroll brings their very best in integration, hands-on service, and reliability to their clients.

 Great people for a hard job, 02-28-2017 03:18PM

By: Matt

A company that's always looking to help its customers in any way possible....AND is great at what they do. AND wants to help people succeed who aren't even their customer(yet). If you want to make sure that your payroll is being handled by a company that does things right, cares about your success and wants everybody to succeed, Altitude Payroll is your company.

 The Silent Partner that will help your business thrive., 02-18-2017 02:20PM

By: Kaylie

Altitude Payroll has grown leaps and bounds over the past year and it’s no wonder – they’re fantastic to work with. They take care of all your Payroll needs and make sure you’re compliant and following the ever-changing rules with anything Payroll. Their attention to detail is second to none. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You want an easy decision for your business? Then look no further than Andy Wilson and Altitude Payroll…. They have all the answers to your payroll woes and do it with professional grace and fantastic customer service.

 Altitude Payroll!, 02-18-2017 01:12PM

By: Sarah

The BEST company for all of your payroll needs!

 Why settle for second best? Call altitude First., 02-09-2017 06:09AM

By: Tim

I've your business is growing and you're wondering who you can trust to Aline with your needs and provide a level of services rarely found in the industry, call Altitude Payroll and ask for Andy.

 Altitude Payroll, 02-08-2017 09:18PM

By: Juli

Few payroll services will customize their services to meet your needs. They did! Awesome company. My skeptical bookkeeper switched my payroll accounting to Altitude immediately after talking with them. Saving me money along with great service.

 The BEST PAYROLL TEAM EVER!, 01-29-2017 01:14PM

By: JP

Andy and his team are the best, they are always on time, accurate and have the best customer service you can imagine

 The Best Service and best price., 03-14-2016 05:57PM

By: Eric

I personally know the president Andy. Have been at there offices and meet all the staff. Worked with him even outside of his company. What I know is they are committed to what they do and providing the BEST service and business possible when it comes to payroll. No one is better. Don't make the mistake I did... not using them first. Meet them and chose the best.... and it is the BEST price too.

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 Full of knowledge, 03-07-2016 07:38PM

By: Mel and Bobbie Sue

Andy will answer all of your questions and help you make the best decision.


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 Altitude is great!, 03-03-2016 12:58PM

By: Jolene

I've been using them since my first hire. One of the great benefits I love is the Human Resource support and the large bank of template programs. I even had a few reviewed by a separate, paid, attorney who said the documents are top notch. They don't charge me extra for compliance posters and I am confident that I'm always up-to-date. They are also easy to reach if I have a question or need.