Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation

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The benefits of the Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation program.

Control Decisions

You make all of the important decisions about your children, money and property with the advice of professionals. In litigation, the courts often make these decisions for you.

Save Time

You can resolve your separation or divorce matters within two or three months. Litigation attorneys can take years.

Save Money

You can spend a small fraction of the amount of legal fees paid by people who use litigation attorneys. This leaves you with more money to rebuild your life after separation or divorce.

Secure Your Financial Future

Gain the peace of mind from knowing how to make the most of your money after a separation and divorce.

Reduce Stress

We lower your stress by guiding you through sensible decisions and transitions. Our goal is to help you build a stable new life.

Care For Your Children

Your children’s needs are a vital concern. We help you understand how to reduce the impact on them during and after your transition.


We recognize that everyone going through divorce or separation has special circumstances and needs. The following is a list of all of the steps of divorce mediation. Some people do not need all of the steps outlined.
Step One – Educate Yourself
Step Two – Protect Children
Step Three – Dividing Finances
Step Four – Saving Taxes
Step Five – Sign & Seal
Step Six – Plan Future
Step Seven – Court Decree

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 I needed you 8 years ago :), 02-21-2017 07:20PM

By: Matt

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a laid out plan to help you and your significant other try to work through your divorce? Isn't it better to have an actual strategy to your mediation, instead of just going into a room full of lawyers, both of you telling them all everything wrong with the other person, having a huge fight and going on your way?

Alpha Center for Divorce Mediation has that plan. They have a proven seven step mediation program, that can save you money, time, and more importantly stress. Unfortunately many marriages end in divorce...shouldn't you do it the right way? With Alpha you can.

 Alpha Center: A Lighthouse in the Storm of Divorce, Separation, 02-21-2017 02:55PM

By: Andrew

By utilizing their combined swath of personal and professional experience with divorce and all the many situations that arise in the middle of these types of experiences, Alpha Center strives to work very closely with their clients to create an atmosphere of practicality, solid guidance, and workable strategies in order to reach the best solutions for everyone and everything involved.

 Great service, 01-29-2017 01:13PM

By: JP

Seeing the people who have been here, I know that they provide great service during a difficult time