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What we believe   |   It's all a learning about you, your business and listening.
68 designs, llc offers solid marketing solutions that can make the vision in your head a reality. We're all about listening and learning about that vision. We discuss your future and where you want to go. Your clients want to know your story. What are your long-term expectations? And most importantly, what does that look like? Afterall, the more 68d knows about you, your dreams, your personality, the more accurately your vision comes to life. 68 designs strives to inspire and be inspired.

68 designs collaborates with you, the visionary, to be innovative. This process should not be a solo effort. Together, we cultivate every opportunity to educate and supplement one another, to cooperate with one another. This is what 68d is all about -- solving problems, delivering solid design solutions and when necessary, elaborate. 

Our clients  |   What kind of clients we serve. 
We love start-ups, small business, big business, established and "not-so-established" business and non-profits. Basically anyone is okay in our book. If you're looking for a fresh, new look to existing marketing efforts or perhaps starting from scratch to establish that look you send out into the world — yeah, we love that. 68d has worked with a variety of clients — Animal Shelters, Realtors, Symphonys, Preservation Organizations, Yoga Shops, Acupuncturists, Inventors, Lawyers, Doctors, Bar & Grills, Organized Clubs and Groups, Insurance Agencies, Marketing Professionals, and pretty much any walk of life. We even once worked with the Challenger Learning Center & NASA on an itty bitty project — how cool is that?   

What we do  |   Types of design work we love doing.
68 designs, llc loves design. Almost every facet of it. We love logos, branding and identity design. We set the tone for all of your visual marketing efforts so you have continuity across the board. When it comes to design, 68 designs does it all. We will work with your favorite web developer to ensure your visual brand behaves itself. Other items we design are brochures, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, branding, letterhead systems, newsletters, invitations, posters, flyers, advertisements, branding, campaigns, signage, apparel design and  ... well, to end the list there would imply the extent of 68's services. We handle all the printing arrangements -- from pricing, production to shipping, delivery to your door. Easy peazy.
One thing we've expanded on includes the world of murals. Yep, we do murals for residential and commercial properties. Design with 68 designs is truly multi-faceted. You have an idea floating around in your noggin, inquire about it. We can help.

What about us  |   Getting to know your design partner.
68 designs, llc believes in partnering with clients. We work together to get you what you need and want — although sometimes these needs and wants rarely play nice together. This is why communication is key when working with a partner. With almost 30 years experience in the graphic design business, clients gain a partner for their business and all that experience for their business marketing. We love designing and helping businesses soar. We love design so much, we love to share the knowledge in a traditional teaching environment in a college setting. Yep, we teach graphic design courses at Red Rocks Community College and Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (and formerly at Purdue University). With 68 designs you're getting graphic design service that is professional and delivered with integrity. Simply said. 

Samples of work  |   Let us help your business stand out among the competition.
Here are a handful of samples created by 68 designs. Let us help your brand have the visual impact it needs.



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Contact First Name: Kaylie

Contact Last Name: Hall


Special Offers: Is your marketing looking tired? Contact 68 designs and let's meet to assess where your marketing efforts are successful and "not so successful'. This assessment is absolutely free -- yep, FREE!


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 Non Profit Design Work, 04-19-2017 04:52PM

By: Sheila

We used 68 Designs for the Metro Denver Green Homes Tour promotional material. Kaylie did a great job and was extremely easy to work with. Highly recommend this company!

 Branding Expertise in Every Sense, 03-13-2017 07:44PM

By: Andrew

Branding is so darn important: from making that critical first impression to symbolizing everything the company stands for, a company's brand is the symbol from which business is built. 68Designs is well-versed in the delicate, ever-changing art of professional design, and strives to bring only the best to the drawing board with regards to ingenuity, professionalism, and expert design delivery.

 Impressive, 03-10-2017 06:50PM

By: Jill

It was a privilege to hear Kaylie Hall share about how she works with her clients and how she has such a passion for pulling out their story and helping them express that visually. Kaylie listens to her clients and hears what they don't express and intuitively knows the next questions to ask to get to the heart of their story. She has tremendous pride in partnering with her clients to create a logo that they are proud to share with their market.